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Department of Sociology is one the oldest department in the faculty of Arts and was established in the year 1953. Sri Vishwa Nath Shukla, an eminent sociologist and a product of Lucknow School of Sociology has credit of establishing the department as founder head. He had established the department in the great traditions propounded by stalwarts of Sociology D P Mukerji, D N Majumdar and A K Saran. Department was joined by Dr R K Pandey and Dr G K Agarwal in 1962 and in 1963 respectively. Later on both of them moved to University Department. In 1964 the department was extended and Sri Raj Guru Misra and Sri J P Misra have joined. In the year 1969 Dr A S Tewari has joined the Department. In the year 1988, Dr Vinod Chandra has joined the department and after two years Smt Tara Singh has joined the department. From the year 1990 the total strength of the faculty become five. Dr Ritu Ghosh Joined the department in 2001 and Dr A K Pandey and Dr Sudhir Kumar Singh have joined in year 2003 and 2009 respectively. After serving three two and half years Dr Sudhir Kumar has left the department to join All India Service in the Information Department after qualifying Union Public Service Examination. Dr A K Pandey has also left the department to join another P G College innhis home town of Gorakhpur. In the year 2015, Dr Anita Bajpai and Dr Shamama Mirza have joined as Assistant Professor of Sociology in the Department. Currently, the department of sociology has five permanent faculty and three faculty on contractual basis. Mr Ajay Kumar Tripathi has joined the department to teach BA Self-Finance Classes in 2000 on contractual basis.
The department has got Post Graduate Classes in July 2017 and Dr Neelam Agarwal and Dr Sunil Pati Tripathi has joined as Faculty (on contractual basis) to teach MA Classes.