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Add On Courses

1. Certificate Course in Communication Skills and Personality Development :-
Six months certificate course in Communication Skills and Personality Development has been designed by the faculty members of the department of English. Its objective is to train the undergraduates of all disciplines to harness their skills in communication. The thrust areas are speaking and writing of English, developing a self motivated personality, competence in handling computers and developing confidence and alleviating fear factor by organizing group discussions, paper readings, mock interviews and role playing etc. 

2. Certificate course in Computerized Accounting :-
This six month certificate course has been designed to improve the accounting skills of Commerce and Management Undergraduate students. It includes an introduction to all the computerized accounting techniques and software. Besides giving basic ideas on Fundamental and Operating systems, the course includes Manual Accounting, Introduction to Tally, Vouchers, Accounting with inventory and Inventory vouchers. 

3. Certificate Course in Computer Application :-
This is a six- month course designed to give the students hands-on training of computer application and knowledge of basic computation techniques. It includes six modules viz. Fundamentals, Operating Systems, MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Power point and MS-Access. This course is specifically organized for students who have never had an exposure to computer education at their school level and therefore it includes knowledge of all basic software programme that students need on regular basis. 

4. Certificate Course in Sales and Marketing Management :-
The Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Commerce started an Add–on Course in October 2013. The course intends to generate employability among the students by sharpening their competency in the area of marketing and sales and to provide placement opportunities to participants. The participants of the course avail the opportunity of interaction with executives of the some very prominent business establishments such as Aglomed Ltd, Smart Infrastructure Ltd, Technical Associate Ltd, etc.  

5. French and German Language Course :-
The Department of BBA-International Business ,Center for Management and Foreign Languages started an Add–on Course (duration three months) in September 2014 named Certificate in proficiency in foreign languages. The course intends to generate proficiency among the students by shaping their acceptability in the area of foreign languages and to enrich their personal profile. The participants of the course avail the opportunity of learning of French, German and Russian languages under the guidance of experienced professionals. After completion the beneficiaries may opt one more month of power classes which would enable them to appear in embassy exam for A1, and A2 in French and German languages.  

6. Add-on certificate course in Advance Mathematics :-
The Department of Mathematics started an Add–on Course in Advance Mathematics on 30 September 2013. The course intends to prepare the student for competitive examinations and motivate the student for Higher Studies in Mathematics.  

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