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(i)  B.Sc.

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The department came into existence in 1947. Sri S.K. Pandey, an academician of high repute was the Founder Head. The department flourished under the excellent intellect and devotion of Sri K.N. Vaish (1948 – 1976), Sri D.P. Shukla (1960 – 1984), Sri A.N. Awasthi (1963 – 1984), Sri S.K. Misra (1963 – 1967), Sri B.K. Tewari (1965 – 1996), Sri A.k. Ghosh (1967 – 1970), Sri P.k. Misra (1969 – 2009), Sri S.K. Dixit (1969 – 2009), Dr. Meena Sinha (1989 – 2011) and Dr. N.L. Pandey (1986 – 2013). Dr. Meeta Sah, the present in – charge of the department was the first lady lecturer to join the college in 1986. The foray of a lady in erstwhile boys’ institution announced the onset of a new era and presently the college has more than 55 female teachers. Sri S.P. Shukla, Sri Dhiraj Nigam, Dr. Rajeev Mishra, Dr. Alka Sharma and Sri Ravi Binwal are presently the permanent faculty. Sri D.P. Shukla was awarded by the Governor of Uttar Pradesh Sri Akbar Ali for authoring ‘inkFkZ ds lkekU; xq.k’. The department was chosen by UGC for “College Science Improvement Program”. Under this scheme a number of equipments needed in an advanced laboratory were added to the stock of the department. Add – ON course based on “Circuit Fundamentals and Basic Electronics” is being run in the department. The students from this course have won many trophies and awards in many inter college competitions like Medha Samvardhan, Divyankur, AURA under working model category. The departmental library contains nearly 270 books. The laboratories are equipped with advanced instruments. We claim to have one of the best and well-maintained laboratories