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(i)  B.A

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Faculty of arts was established in 1952.At present medieval modern and European history is taught in UG classes. Total seven papers are taught , two papers in B.A-I, , two papers in B.A-II, , three papers in B.A-III. Dr. D.P. Roy Chaudhary was first to join the M.I.H DEPARTMENT .He was appointed as lecturer on 1-11-1955 and after serving the department for thirty seven years he retired on 30-6-1992. He constituted a historical council which use to organize debates , group discussions and guest lectures. Presently Dr. RAJESH KUMAR TIWARI associate professor is head of the M.I.H DEPARTMENT. After D.P. ROY CHAUDHRY’s retirement Dr. R.K. TIWARI was appointed on 7-8-1999. Dr. RAVI RANJAN SINGH BHADAURIA joined M.I.H DEPARTMENT as assistant professor {self –finance} on 1-8-2008.