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The Department of Mathematics came into existence with the establishment of the college in 1947. It was led by Sri K L Dixit and had strength of about 20 students. He was later joined by Sri K N Pathak and Dr H S Shukla, who together formed the first group of teachers. The department offers undergraduate courses to the students of both – Arts and Science stream students and is expected to run post-graduate course soon. It also runs an add-on course for advanced studies, preparing the students for entrance exams for higher education. Presently, it is endowed with well qualified and talented teachers at 7 permanent posts and about 800 students are enrolled in it.The teachers are authors and editors to many books and have published/presented research papers in various international and national journals/ conferences. The department follows the curriculum prescribed by the University of Lucknow. The department sponsors “Sri Anoop Dwivedi Smriti Padak”, an award of Rs 1000 to B.Sc.(I) student who secures highest marks in Mathematics in University exams. The award is in the memory of Sri Anoop Dwivedi, an accomplished teacher of the department, after his untimely demise in 2010. The department has a smart room for teaching and its own rich library with over 500 books from reputed national and international publishers, of which about 200 have been donated by the faculty to enhance the stock. Focusing on the overall development of the students, the department introduced many innovative programmes to nourish and evolve the students in 2013,including regular organization of departmental meetings, internal assessments through which students are assessed and informed to improve their performances in respective topics, guest lectures, parent-teacher meetings and also election of class representatives for smooth functioning. Programmes like presentations, quizzes and students’ lecture demonstration directly involve students and help in boosting their self-confidence. Special remedial classes for weaker students and enrichment classes for the polished students are organised for enhancing their ability and expertise. A weekly schedule is displayed on the notice board for every week. To know about the problems faced by the students related or unrelated to the courses, mentor teachers interact with the students frequently. Alumni of the institution have excelled in different fields and held prestigious posts including Department Heads and Vice-chancellor of various universities and teachers in degree colleges.