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(i)    L.L.B.

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Law faculty was established in 1972 when the resolution regarding granting of permission to start classes from session 1972-73 for LL.B. (three years) was passed in the meeting of executive council of the University of Lucknow on May 13, 1972. At the time of establishment of the faculty three lecturers were appointed, viz., Sri S.K. Kapoor, Sri R.K. Sinha and Sri V.N. Pandey. Lucknow University granted permission to admit 600 students in the beginning. The timings of the department was from 4 P.M. to 8 P.M. as decided by the college management with the consultation of district administration keeping in view that the service class students might also be adjusted. Later on the strength of the students was increased to 800 and after that 1000 by the University. The strength of the lecturers was increased to 18 by the state government in 1976. The faculty has been inspected thrice by the Bar Council of India - firstly in 1985, secondly in 1997 and thirdly in 2012. Bar Council granted permission to continue classes with the conditions that the strength of students must be restricted to 320. So now the student intake is 320. As far as the teachers’ strength is concerned some have been retired and new have been appointed and now there are 12 teachers in the faculty and 06 posts are still vacant. In the beginning, Sri V.N. Pandey was appointed as head of the department in 1972 and remained head till 1987. After that Sri R.K.Sinha took over charge as Incharge Principal, Faculty of Law and he held the post till 2003. From whom Dr. R.N. Nigam took over the charge and remained incharge till 2013. After that Dr. S.K. Pandey became Incharge and remained till 2014. From Dr. S.K. Pandey, Sri S.L.A.Khan took over charge who is still serving as head of the department. It is to be mentioned that in the year, 1974-75 (the first batch result) Sri Uma Shankar and Major Awasthi, later Lt. Colonel, got 1st and 2nd positions respectively in the Merit list of the University of Lucknow. In the same year all the first ten positions were also grabbed by the college students. This trend continued till 1980 and after that university stoped publishing the merit list. But every year our students receiv gold medals. In 2014 Sri G.K. Goswani, an I.P.S. officer and in 2015 V.K. Dubey, Income Tax Commissioner received gold medals. In the year 2016 Shivam Tripathi received five gold medals and last year Km. Harshita Tewari received three gold medals. One of our students Km. Surabhi Mishra, a student of LL.B. III Semester in 2016-17, got first-prize and Rs. 15,000/- as prize money for essay writing competition from State Legal Service Authority. Besides having various civil servants and army personnel as students, the Faculty of Law produced many great personalities like Justice Abdul Mateen, Justice V.K. Dhawan and Justice Umesh Chandra, who retired as high court-Judges. Sri Shyam Sunder is still serving as District Judge, Lalitpur and Sri Sukesh Sahni is working as Senior Hydrologist, Groundwater Department. Sri Vibhakar Pandey is retired as G.M., Coal India Ltd. and Dr. S.K. Bhatnagar retired as Dean & Head, Department of Law, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow. Law faculty is having a glorious past with regard to the publication of journal. Since its inception, i.e. 1972, the Law faculty is publishing a journal ‘Law Review’ and till date it is being published every year with some improvement. Now we got ISSN number also. Till 1997-98, the LLB course was annual and after that semester system was introduced by the University following the instructions given by the Bar Council of India. The Faculty of Law admitted only male students till 2015. Since 2015-16 the faculty have started admitting girl students also with the efforts of our respected Principal Prof. S.D. Sharma with the view to cater better students. Now the Law education in the college is co-ed. At the time of inception, Shri V.N. Pandey acted as Incharge Principal, Faculty of Law. He remained Incharge till 1987 and after that Shri R.K. Sinha took over charge. He remained Incharge till 2003. After Shri R.K. Sinha, Dr. R.N. Nigam took over charge and remained in office till 2012. Dr. S.K. Pandey took charge in 2012 and remained in office till 2014 and after him Shri S.L.A. Khan took charge from him and still working in the capacity of Incharge.