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(i)  B.Sc.

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The Geology Department was established in 1964 and flourished under the able headship and guidance of Dr. S.B.Mishra (1964-66), Sri. Bisaria (1964-66), Dr. H.D. Upadhayaya (1966- 67) , Sri .G.S. Trivedi (1966-2003), Sri P. N.Singh (1968-70), Sri Shirir Gupta (1970-2007), Dr. R.C. Tewari (2007-2015) and Sri Anshumali Sharma (1989- till date). At Present the Department is known for the advanced methods of Geology teaching, up to date information on the subject, well equipped Labs. Regular interactive lectures/ sessions with the invited Geoscientists of repute from various Geological Organizations and Universities, Field Training. It has produced a large number of renowned Geologists for country working in India and abroad including Dr. Arun Kumar (Carleton University, Canada), Dr. Hansa D. Upadhayaya (Northern Illinois University, USA), Dr. Deepak Srivastava (GSI, LKo), Dr. Kiran Shankar Misra (GSI, Bhopal), Dr. R C. Agnihotri (Engineer, Lucknow), Dr. R C Tewari (Professor, Lucknow), Dr. Anand K. Agnihotri (Profesor, Uttarakhand), Dr. .A K. Agnihotri (Chemist, ONGC, Mumbai), Dr. S. C. Malviya (Dean, Pantnagar University, Uttarakhand), Dr. B. N. Tewari (Scientist E, WIHG, Dehradun), Dr. Ratan Kar (Scientist E, BSIP, Lucknow), Mr. Sudhir Chaturvedi (MD, NHPC), Mr. Ankit Shah (Scientist B, DRDO, Delhi), Mr. Samrat Tewari (Geologist ONGC, Dehradun), Dr. Ram Ratan Singh (Geologist GSI, Jaipur), Mr. Sachin Tripathi (Geologist, Vision Mineral LDA, Dubai), Mr. Nikhil Agarwal (Geologist GSI, Jaipur), Mohd. Bilal (Geologist GSI, Jaipur) many Professors of Universities ,Colleges, OFI ,Schlumberger, other Oil companies and various Geological Organizations etc....