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Established in 1954, the department has been engaged in quality teaching of various aspects of economic theory and policy to the undergraduate and postgraduate students by the experienced and committed faculty. With a view to arrive at appropriate policy-mix for accelerating growth and maximising welfare of the masses the focus is on equipping the students with both analytical and empirical tools of economic analysis Thus, endeavour is made to enhance the employability of the students through the theoretical and functional knowledge stemming from seminars and discussions. Shri Balbhadra Prasad Bajpai was the founder head of the department. In the past, Shri B.N. Dixit and Shri P.N. Trivedi have been distinguished teachers of the department. Presently, the department is being headed by Associate Professor Dr. Bharti Pandey who specialises in Public Finance, International Economics and Development Studies. Dr. Hilal Ahmad, Associate Professor is another experienced faculty in the department. His area of specialisation is Industrial Economics and New Economic World and India. Dr. Manas Mani Tiwari, Mr. Dhurandhar Yadav and Ms. Samia Ansari are Assistant Professor in the department. Dr.Tiwari specialises in Agricultural Economics and Indian Economy. Mr.Yadav and Ms. Ansari specialise in Econometrics and Mathematics for Economic Analysis. With a view to inculcating democratic values and enhancing the understanding of inter-disciplinary nature of development, ‘Student Economic Council’ is functional in the department. The Motto of the Council is ‘Karmasu Kaushalam’. In fact, the Council is the forum for students’ brain-storming and channelising their creative thinking in the holistic development of the country.