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  (i)  B.Sc.

  (ii)  M.Sc.

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The Department of chemistry of Sri J.N.P.G.College lucknow (accredited A grade by NAAC) was established in the year 1946 . The principal of the college sri Madan Gopal Mishra was the first head of the Chemistry Department. After that sri Ikcharam Chaturvedi,sri R.C.Dixit,Sri G.N.Shukla, Sri G.C.Mishra, SriP.P.Bajpai,Sri S.P.Gaur Dr.D.Tripathi Dr.A.P.Singh,Dr.L.R.Mishra and Dr.S.Shukla headed the department Respectively.Other then these heads Dr.O.N.Srivastava, Sri A.B. Dixit Sri Subash Chandra, Dr.S.K.Singh, Dr.G.L.Trivedi And Dr.V.K. Tandonhave also served the Department. At present Dr.D.K. Awasthi is the Head of the Department and other faculty members are Dr. H.K. Rai, Sri A.K.Mishra,Dr.(Mrs) N.Verma, Dr.(Mrs) S.Chauhan,Dr.(Mrs)N.Chaurasiya,Dr.(Mrs)K.Singh,Dr.(Mrs) S.Verma,Dr.Santosh Kumar Singh,Dr.(Mrs)A.Maurya,Dr.(Mrs)S.Khare,Dr.M.Maurya,Dr.I.Kumar,Dr.S.Gautam,D r.(Mrs)S.Singh and Dr.A.N.Dixit.The Department also have fourteen supporting staff for handling the laboratory activities. The Department is involved in teaching undergraduate and post graduate students. The department is well equipped for rendering high quality of research work .It has modern laboratories which cater to the need of 1800 students, besides this it has huge departmental library having 870 books. Recent reputed journals are readily available in the chemistry department for research purpose. The department teachers are involved in various research work and in organizing work shops and seminars at the national and International level.