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(i)  B.Sc. – 3 year (6 Semester) Program with intake strength of 420 students
(ii)  M.Sc. – 2 year (4 Semester) Program with intake strength of 30 students

About The Department :

The Department was established in 1946 as one of the three foundation subjects of B.Sc. course. The Founder Head was Prof. S.S. Majumdar who was a noted taxonomist. The department became a renowned seat of learning under teachers like Prof. S. P. Bhatnagar, Prof. O. S. Bajpai, Dr. M. C. Dubey, Dr. P.S. Chandel, Dr. S. R. Singh, Dr. S. N. Bahoray, Dr. J.K. Misra, Dr. J. P. Shukla, Dr. Harish Verma, Dr. Anil Misra, Dr. Alok Misra & Dr. S. D. Dwivedi. At present the faculty includes Associate Professors Dr. Atal Bihari Misra (H.O.D.), Dr. Rakesh Kumar Pandey, Dr. Vivek Singh. Sri Shashi Kant Shukla, Dr. M. P. Vir Vikram Singh and Assistant Professors Dr. Neeta Chakravarty, Dr. Jaya, Dr. Pooja Dixit and Dr. Tulika Johri.
The museum of Botany department has around 200 specimens of well-preserved plants from algae to the gymno and angiosperms. The Botany department also has a herbarium of around 500 sheets arranged in the Bentham and Hooker system and some of the collections are as old as 1946. The Botanical Garden of the Faculty houses around 400 species of common and rare plants. Some rare and endangered plants include Ginkgo biloba, Ficus krishnii, Zamia pygmea etc. There is one AC Smart Room with PPT facility, 4 Laboratories, a Staff Room, 1 Departmental library and a small kitchenette.
The Department regularly organizes Student seminars, Quiz, Group Discussions, Painting-Competitions etc. The students are also given assignments like Projects, Herbaria and Science models preparations alongwith their scheduled classes. Internal Assessments, paper discussion and Practical Revision are special features of our Department. The teachers of the department frequently utilize the ICT facilities for delivery of lectures in addition to normal theory and Practical sessions. The students are taken for field visits to natural ecosystems as well as National Laboratories and Botanical Gardens of the city and around.