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The department of anthropology was started in the faculty of science in 1955. The department received its first head and permanent faculty in 1957 when Dr. R. S. Khare joined. Today he is one of the most renowned Anthropologists of the world and can be reachedat>R._S._Khare. Prof. Khare is a visionary and he established the department and later started a museum in the department in 1958. His tenure continued till 1963 after which he joined a post doctoral fellowship 1963-64 at the University of Chicago. The next head of the department was Sri P. K. Tiwari who joined the department in 1963. He is a very versatile anthropologist. He not only extended the museum collection but also started the teaching of the subject as an undergraduate subject in B.A. He was responsible for getting different kinds of grants to the department from UGC , Ministry of Tribal welfare, Ministry of culture though which seminars were conducted and museum collection were done. It was under his able guidance that many field work expeditions were carried out in different archaeological sites. It is for this reason that the department has a huge collection of Prehistoric tools from various site like Bhimbetka, Pachmeri Kon. He also collected Tribal artifacts from tribal areas of M.P., Bihar, Orissa, Assam, and organised exhibitions of the same in the college. He also formed the Anthropology students association in 1964. Later the department's location was changed from science faculty to Arts block due to short of space in the faculty. After Sri P. K. Tewari’s retirement in 1998, He continued to serve the department and many other faculty came as Part Time teachers to assist him. In 2000 Dr. Anjali Chauhan joined the department. She tried to carry forth the legacy of the department. In her tenure many distinguished people were invited for guest lecturers such as Prof. B.C. Agrawal, Prof .B.R.K. Shukla, Prof. Indu Sahai, Prof. Gopal Saran, Prof Rajan Gaur, Prof A.P. Singh, Padmshri Dr. Yashodhran Mathpal. The department also carried out research project awarded from UGC entitled ITC and Tribal Development thereafter a major project from Ayodhya Shodh Sansthan Department of culture , Govt. of UP entitled Awadh ki Sanskritik Viraasat. The department also organised workshops from time to time on Kumaoni folk art – Aipan and Renovation and conservation of material culture. The museum was renovated and named VIRASAT -museum of man , we also adopted a logo of the first painting made by human beings – Spray painting of human hand. The Motto of the department was adopted as –“Sattat Parishram Sadaiv Sarvoatkrisat”. Each year the third year students to do fieldwork and prepare research reports. The topics of research are of wide range from folk culture and tribal culture to impact ICT, women’s security, unemployment and other social problems. The department also conducts career counselling for its students from time to time. We also arrange Remedial classes for weak students and try to extend help through mentor scheme. We continue to strengthen our museum collection by bringing in objects from fieldwork and encouraging small student`s contribution of material cultural objects from their villages of residence. Of late we have also stepped into the social media to reach large audience through creation of a facebook page We have upgraded our labs by purchasing some of the latest equipment and redesigned the lab space. The Anthropology students association (ASA) conducts programme in the department from time totime like Group discussions, ppt presentations, debates and freshers and farewell party. The department also convened seminars on Promoting cultural tourism in 51 Shaktipeeth of South Asia, Sponsored by ministry of tourism and ministry of culture govt. of U.P. and a workshop on Ramayan – The Epic process sponsored by Ayodhya Shodh Sansthan. The department was represented on national and international forum several times. The countries include UK, Canada, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, china, Thailand and Vietnam. The department supports the activities of Anthropology department in University of Lucknow different colleges of Lucknow. It offers consultancy with regards to social issues, culture heritage management development and social change